• Multi-use skincare lotion ~ DermaZaide JUST ONE
  • New analgesic & anti-inflammatory “active ingredient”
  • Safe for children – no corticosteroids
  • Proprietary use compound – bio-active dipeptide ester
  • Significant scientific support
  • Save money with our multi-functional lotion

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DermaZaide with lidocaine is a soothing pH balanced skin care lotion designed to help reduce discomfort, irritation, redness, dryness, swelling, rash and/or itching.

DermaZaideaids a wide range of skin conditions. Once you use DermaZaide™ for your particular skin condition, you will want this multipurpose skin care product in your home and when you travel.

DermaZaide™ can be used on the entire skin surface and is safe for children’s skin because it contains no corticosteroids. The lotion goes on silky and leaves little residue so that clothing can be put over an applied area soon after application.

DermaZaide lotion is a rich formulation containing such additives as Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil and a new therapeutic active ingredient, a proprietary use bio-active dipeptide ester compound. For independent evidence of how effective our skin care lotion has been found to be see our current list of unsolicited testimonials.

DermaZaide Free Sample

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If you have a skin condition or skin irritation problem, you will benefit from our skin treatment products. This FREE offer includes three packets of multi-purpose
DermaZaide JUST ONE lotion
for home, car, or office. Once you use it to treat your particular skin problems, including immediate pain relief for minor burns, you will want to consider buying more DermaZaide™ skin care products. Click here to view all of our products!

Most consumers purchase over $30 in skin care products for various applications, why not buy DermaZaide JUST ONE and save all that money!! The FREE DermaZaide JUST ONE lotion is the same formulation as offered in our 4 oz tube.

PLEASE NOTE: HealthAide, Inc. makes no specific claims concerning therapeutic applications for DermaZaide™. We are seeking additional testimonials from volunteer users of the product’s benefits on various skin conditions. Controlled clinical trials are underway to evaluate efficacy of our product for specific skin conditions.


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